Monday, December 15, 2008

Heard on the street

I’m hearing there will be more than a few people leaving us at the beginning of the year. Now, we here at Musements have always said losses are rarely for one reason, but interconnected ones. When we’ve pointed out decreased enrollment, or a large turnover, we’ve always left “wiggle room” to acknowledge this. We are a military town, to a point, and there is a certain number of people who will leave due to reassignments, and that can’t be helped. The economy certainly hasn’t helped, and simply looking at the blank spaces in the weekly bulletin (and the very large area devoted to asking for ads) tells you that the downturn is hitting some of us.

We believe people make this decision to attend or leave for a variety of reasons. Every person leaving is not because of the administration, but they can’t be held blameless, either. She certainly isn’t helping, and she is certainly a contributing cause to more than a few families leaving. It behooves the school to know why these people are leaving, and to get real, honest answers.

Of course, it is interesting that they seem to be inconsistent in asking why people are leaving. Nice….if you don’t ask “some” people why they are leaving, you then can use only the answers of those you ask. Expect to hear these “selected” answers as the reasons why people are leaving over the next month.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Parental Involvement? Volunteers? Why would they do such a thing?

Indianapolis Public School 57, the city's only so-called "fundamental school," requires parents to sign their children's homework every day, volunteer at the school and respond to teachers' calls or notes within 24 hours.
Teachers sign similar agreements, and the school's 210 students have strict rules, too, The Indianapolis Star reported. If students don't turn in homework for several days, for example, they can earn enough demerits to kick them out of the school.

Interesting....why would they require such things? That whole volunteer is if they think it actually helps the school and parents, or some such nonsense.