Monday, January 9, 2017

Since  I got a comment on our favorite former principal, I thought I'd provide an update...keeping the blog somewhat relevant for another 5 years or so.

Catholic Schools are in trouble, but that is probably indicative of the Catholic Church as it was. Catholic school enrollment continues to drop, and now Holy Cross is under 400 students; it was at 700 before the Great Unpleasantry darkened the school. However, it is likely that the numbers would have dropped, although maybe not so precipitous...she just was ahead of the trend.

Catholic schools in Delaware were at over 11,000 when she got here, and dipped below 9,000 the year that she left. In fact, the year she left, and the year after that saw the biggest drops in numbers. While such figures do point to a larger problem, it is important to note that the decline in statewide figures were high at 5.9%....under her watch (and even the year afterwards) there were drops of 15 and 20%. Quite an accomplishment.

The bleeding 2014, the numbers dropped under 400 for the first time, but they recovered last year to be over 400...but they are back under 400 this year. Due to changing demographics and competition from private schools (who are showing increases in enrollment), it is doubtful that Holy Cross will ever see pre-Jacono numbers again.