Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Parking lot blues

Maybe it is the bad weather, but doesn't it feel as if the parking lot traffic has not gotten any better, even with less students?

What is funny is that Jacono never quite realized how her "improvements" really screwed the situation up. Even little things like changing the start time (in a town with lots of state employees who use the same streets), or compressing what used to be a staggered start time for the little ones have major impacts on the traffic situation. Of course, to her the problem was the "parking lot moms" who hung out for a few minutes after their kids were dropped off. She has effectively killed that form of information exchange (congrats on that, Denise!), but strangely, the idea that less people rushing to get out at the same time never occured to her as a good thing.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Parking Improvements

Inside sources tell me that we've lost a little over $120,000 worth of students over the past year.

I guess that is one way to improve traffic flow through the parking lot.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Volunteers, anyone? Hello, is this thing on?

Interesting request in the newsletter about wanting volunteers for the AR progam. It is interesting for a number of ways...

1. We had a vibrant, well staffed volunteer program for the AR kids. There was this belief that the kids needed a bit of help and/or encouragement to get on and take the tests, especially the younger ones. Someone apparently didn't agree, and ended it...and the kids (of all ages) are now taking a lot less advantage of the AR program. Who would figure?

2. The second comment was about signing a waiver....again, this was something that was suggested to Denise, who snorted her disaproval at teachers and parents who had the teremity to suggest such a thing. And yet, it is now back.

3. Finally, one can volunteer for this...as long as you sign the form (not a bad thing, but certainly not an orginal idea), work with another class other than your kid's, and agree to shield your eyes if you happen to accidentally see your child in passing.

Okay, I made the last point up, but it may be EXACTLY why there are so volunteers this year. It is not from a lack of opportunities, but it is a lack of opportunities that people want to do. When you coordinate volunteer work, one has to realize that YOUR needs are not quite enough, and that there has to be something in it for them. Yes, there is the satisfaction of a job well done, but there is in all of us a need for a bit more...that we ARE making a difference, that we can see the results, and that it also sends a message to our kids that volunteering is important. So while they haven't been breaking down the doors to volunteer to fill beer cups for "Smokey", "One-Eye", or "Creepy" at casino night, that doesn't mean that people don't want to help out. It is that they don't want to feel as if they aren't really needed or that go against what they believe.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bringing it up to the top

Hey...been quiet, but not at HCS.  We've been busy at the Quizzinator household with the holidays and stuff.  We had family in from all over, and you all know how guests can sometime overstay their welcome.

Things at HC are about the same. Quiet resignation by some, quiet desperation by others.  What is the most interesting, as usual, is NOT the events, but the response by the administration.

It is no secret that some that have left have not gone under the best of circumstances, and while I don't expect dirty laundry to be aired, I do draw the line at hearing how these stories are spun. I mean, come on...what is the point of indicating in the newsletter that someone is leaving AND feeling the need to brag/warn that there are 50 applications for the job?  And that the job is advertised, but, perhaps bowing to the reputation that HC is developing, the school isn't even mentioned?