Wednesday, July 8, 2009

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations...evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism...

A couple of posts I'd thought I'd bring to the top...

The issues you describe may be fact. However, we as a community cannot heal, or begin to think about healing until we unite.
Here is another fact for you to list: this blog at best is a gossip lover's "guilty pleasure" (one of your guest's terms - not mine)at worst it is divisive and harmful to our Church and school.

Here is my suggestion: Ask again and again for meetings with the community and the Church. I know you say you tried this avenue...You really did (or maybe not you) attempted to bully your way past the Diocese and Fr. Dan. Bullying never works! Extending an invitation to a "bitch" session only counts as bullying! There are plenty of things working at HCS. We need to start there.

Not a bad post, really.

First, I tend to agree with your statement about running to the diocese. I thought some went that route too early. As a minimum, those who went upstairs should have tried to meet with Father Dan, or notify him, as to why they felt they needed to do this. I'm not sure those who did, and there were more then a few who did this seperately, followed this route. And, to be honest, I think I even suggested this to at least one person - some control I have over my minions, eh?

However, there has to be a next step, as there is in every other area of our life when we are not getting satisfaction, especially when you can't seem to get through. Calls for meetings by those who were leaving, calls for meeting for those who have left, calls for meetings by teachers and administrative staff were not returned. I tend to think that some of these catagories (ie, teachers and staff) should have stood outside his door, if necessary, to get on his calendar. However, I also understand the average Holy Cross teacher is more mouse than lion when dealing with authority, especially Church authority. While understandable, it also underlines, to me, the extent that some of them have already gone.

The Quizz's posts have really only done one thing...and that is to provide a forum for those who have misgivings to know there are others who feel the same way, and to provide an opportunity for those who don't like our tactics to comment. I haven't deleted a single comment, and have only made one change in almost a year, because I do want a solution. I also think it is a "conversation piece" as I've over heard a few conversations about the blog. Funny, but I let it go, and it is interesting to see how two people will feel each other out as to the opinions posted here. Even Denise has used some of my postings in this matter, which I am certainly honored.

As to solutions, I've heard rumors of another meeting, but a bit more structured one, perhaps on church grounds. Again, I think this is a better solution, but an even better one would be for Denise or Father Dan to take the initative, show some leadership. Here's the call it a bitch session, I call it clearing the air. We'd have to address any possible retribution (which is difficult if you believe or know that your complaints will get reflected elsewhere), but such a meeting would be either you put up, or shut up. If they had such a meeting, agreed to write down the complaints, and agreed to address them, I'd stop posting immediately. I'd ask for anyone who has complained about her to her face or Fathe Dan to be invited, and maybe a few "referees". Establish some ground rules, and get it out in the open.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It becomes necessary to desolve the ties...

For the apologists out there, do you understand that the teachers, parents, and kids who have left, or who would like to leave but are hanging in there hoping for change or don't believe they have another options, have what they believe are legitimate complaints? Not whether or not YOU think they are legitimate, but those who have taken the ultimate step of leaving felt THAT strongly about it? Pulling kids out of a school is not something taken lightly, and many who have done so were HC grads themselves. There are those who change the subject as soon as you start talking specifics, but teachers and parents have left because of Denise. Cold, hard fact. one "fears" this blog. I know who reads it and the number of people who read it. You have to want to read it, which is why I think it is better then Newszap, where everybody gets to read it. You have to search to find it, and if I wanted broader distribution, it would be easy. I could post the link on Newszap, or I could send an email out from to every single teacher and parent I could find pulling them to this site. I choose not to do that.

This step was a necessary one, but I believe the complaints that have been posted here are legitimate, and I know that at least some of them were validated by Denise's boss, who promised to address them. Unfortunately, most did not "stick" and though I applauded what I hoped was a new attitude at the beginning of the school year, she reverted back to form.

As for changes....what "changes" has the Quizz really complained about? What changes that she has made that Loyalists think are so wonderful?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

When in the course of human events...

One of the mantras those not happy with the way Holy Cross School is being run is the ever popular, "Why don't you just leave", sometimes expanded to the "if you are not happy with what you are paying for, why don't you just leave?"

Easy answer, really. It may well come to that, but do you think it would stop? This isn't about money; I've been paying this for so long, and it's automatic nature make it more of a utility bill or a car loan that never seems to end that I really don't think of the money aspect of it.

But...the utility comparision IS a fair one. I pay for service, I expect to get it. If my service was great for a number of years, and then it went downhill, I, of course, could always just leave, but I also have the right to try to get the service back to the level that it was before.

As I strolled downtown Dover on the 4th, another of those blasted analogies came to me. Those men who signed that Declaration of Independence certainly heard a similar mantra from many of their countrymen. "It isn't that bad", "If you don't like it, you can leave", or "it beats what else is out there" were all reasons, among many, for the Founding Fathers NOT to try to improve the situation. They tried all sorts of means, and were rebuffed time and time again, but many of their neighbors, who were more worried about their personal affairs, thought it best to keep quiet and just stay on the farm, and hey...I don't read that much, or drink tea, so it doesn't apply to me.

Our "independence day" may well come, but like many of the Founding Fathers, I still feel allegiance, but the intollerable acts are piling up. And, like Great Britian, who learned a hard lesson from the loss of their American colonies through this rebellion, perhaps Holy Cross will learn a painful and expensive lesson.