Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A lot has happened in a year...

As many of you have most certainly figured out, the Quiz quit, as did every member of the masthead, at some point over the past 2 years. Some of you have questioned as to when I quit, guessing that maybe it was before the end of the year. Maybe, maybe not...

It wasn't an easy decision...no, scratch that. It was an easy decision. I'm re-reading the words of someone who left a year ago, and I agree that life is much, much better on the outside. The school system is just so much better there almost isn't even a comparison. The teachers have more resources and seem to have more up to date methodology with a much stronger academic program then I expected. I think HC is still one of the best private schools in the area, but that means less and less the more I see of the other private schools.

While there isn't anywhere near the family atmosphere that used to exist at HC, it is still a much more professional feeling in the public school system. The after school programs, both the sports and non-sports programs, are so far ahead of HC that it almost isn't fair to compare them. The schools are cleaner, parking and driving is better, and the lunches are nutritious and tasty.

Now, I do hear of things happening at HC, and was tempted at times to write, but as my sources left in droves, it left me without a whole lot of background information that I could flesh out the postings. Sure, many of the things I've posted have come true, as turnover of teachers and children continues at an unprecedented rate, academic scores are dropping, teachers are unhappy, evaluators are coming in, the PTO had a problem finding officers (even more so than normal), but my heart was no longer in the blog. I continue to hear stuff on Sundays at church, but it really began to fall into the "IDK" mode once I decided to leave. HC being HC, I can't avoid the conversations, but it just didn't matter too much, anymore.

With that beings said, I'm hoping that the current review of the environment of the school comes up with some solutions - that they brought in outsiders for this affirms that there is SOMETHING rotten in Denmark, has been there for a long time, and isn't simply the work of a few agitators. There was, and is, something fundamentally wrong at the school, and it will continue to spiral downward until changes are enacted.