Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Beginning to hear from a few sources that things are beginning to be not as bright as we thought. I'm willing to give her the benefit of doubt, but it is the dozens of little things that bother me. It isn't these things, of course, but what they represent on a deeper level. Things like yelling at parents seem to be creeping back in, after a few weeks of apparent calm. Things appear to be doing well and calm, but I don't know.

For instance-did you notice that after not being around for the mornings, Denise suddenly found time the day before and the day of the PTO meeting? And has not been back since? Why would that be?

I'm sorry, but the Internet filtering is still not fixed. Someone posted the question, and the situation is still the same as last year..broken.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've kept the postings to a minimum, and for good reason.

The beginning of the school year, especially one in which so many things were changed from over the past year, certainly should give everyone pause. Many of the changes were ones that have been called for, and it is gratifying to see them either come to fruition, or to return after a sorrowful absence. I don't really care why the change of heart over the summer, or what caused it, as long as they stick.

That is not to say that there are not things that need improving, or rumors, or gossip floating around. It is just that it is beginning to return to some sense of normalcy, concentrating on relatively minor issues.

There are lines that were crossed by some. I don't think we did that here on this blog (Newszap got a bit hairy, at times), but you are free to disagree. There were those who complained because they couldn't post the same way I do, but I tend to think that this format worked because the writers (maybe not the commenters) did NOT go overboard with inflammatory statements. We didn't even really try to publicize this, but were still getting almost a hundred people coming here right after school started,. It showed me that the word of mouth is pretty powerful, and that was even before the Parking Lot Mafia had a chance to get in full swing.

I also think it important to point out that there were many changes this year that were not challenged. There were significant ones, such as the start time that people certainly could have grumbled about...but I do believe that there was a belief that this was one that had been considered rationally, thought about, COMMUNICATED, and there was no real opposition. I hope that is a lesson in and of itself.

We'll be monitoring the situation, but I don't think we'll be posting quite as much as we have until we see how things shake out.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To make myself clear...

No matter how many weeks I see it, people leaving early from Mass always gets my dander up. I'm busy, you are busy, the Priest is busy...and I fail to see how the 10 minutes makes that much of a difference. Not that there are not good reasons...people leaving to staff the tables in the hall, or when we had CCD on Sundays are certainly reasons to leave, but to beat the traffic does not seem to qualify, to me.

I bring that up because I have a similiar reaction when people question the "why" of bringing these issues up. Maybe it is the genes of my red-haired Irish grandmother, but I do get my hackles up on a few issues.

However, as one poster put it, I do think we should be cautiously optomistic about the changes that were made this year. Maybe, as another poster said, it did take a pound of flesh, but can anyone say that the changes are not good ones? We've got more parental involvement, more openness in the classroom, a group to plan strategically for the future which goes a long way to where we need to be.

So let's pray for a good year and pray that the relationships heal, on both sides. I call on everybody to reach out....wave, greet, call, volunteer, e-mail, or do whatever you feel comfortable in trying to reestablish the rift between those you "know" are for and those you know are against the actions of the post year. I've heard many say that it is too late, but if BOTH sides reach out we can take those steps to make the school as best as it can be.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back to the Future

From a post below...

When you attack an individual by name on an internet blog, you have no integrity or character period. The issues, the problems, the processes all are up for discussion. But posters here chose to attack Mrs. Jacono's personality and character. Did anyone have the courage to speak to her face to face about that??

Did any of the faceless critics tell Mrs. Jacono that you did not like her? Quiz defend yourself how you will, but you led a personal attack rather than a professional discussion. It seems we both agree though that positive change is on the horizon so I for one will leave with that.

Well, I will not.

I don't know how many times we have to tell you that we DID go to her and to Father Dan before you acknowledge that fact. I can assure you I did after I knew several others had gone with similar complaints. I can't even say that nothing was being done...the survey was a perfect example of something that she was pushed to do. I think it was a lousy survey, with poorly worded and tainted questions, but it is about what I expected.

I have tried to keep her personality out of it, but when you purport to be a leader, personality IS a big part of it. If you are selfless is shows, and if you are self-serving, it shows as well. What I have given you time and time again are facts; sometimes drawing pretty damning conclusions. If that is "attacking" her personality to point out the declining enrollment at her past school until she left, then ther is nothing left. If there is an element of her personality that you think has been mentioned unfairly or not related to her performance, please point it out.

So...we will continue to talk about the good and the bad, but I will try to draw the line at not nit-picking. As an example, I am debating about whether to comment on the student handbook. There are a few errors, including something left in from whomever they copied where they left in the previous school's name, and another area where they specifically state that crocs and sandals are permitted (instead of NOT permitted). Is it important? It certainly shows a lack of attention to detail, wouldn't you say? However, and this may be damning with faint is still better than last year.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


More than a few changes from last year...and for something different, welcome ones.

First and most importantly, the volunteer program has been revamped and expanded. There certainly is a lot more encouragement and publicity about the programs, and it looks like parents will be once again welcomed back into the classrooms and barely tolerated. Excellent change and one that has been asked for since she got here.

Second, the school advisory panel is seeing the light of day. A bit late, of course, in that it was supposed to have been formed in July and working already, but the fact that this was another area asked for is a good sign. It is composed of a good cross section of the parish, and their being tasked to review and update the strategic plan is a good thing.

Third, there are a lot of curriculum changes. While treatment of people IS something I know about, curriculum development is not. I've heard some grumbles from some teachers ,but the changes sound interesting, and in some cases I think are great....the changes in the specials, for one. Concentration of the time spent IS a good change, and allowing the older kids some choice in the future is promising as well.

If these changes represent a change of heart and what the future holds, it truly is a new year, and a new start. It also shows that change IS good, and that one can appreciate the attempt.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Open Mike

Ah, the first day of school...and the rumors of change are flying. Some are interesting, some are good, and some are...kind of hard to figure out. In any case, I invite you to post the good, the bad, and the ugly....let's see how the second year starts out.