Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Exodus Continues

Newszap has been quiet since the great purging, but we get a parent here who is leaving effectively immediately.

What is important isn't the specific reason....I'm not going to argue about whether or not the tracking is or isn't a good idea. This is a perfect example where I'll beg ignorance as to the best methodology...but that isn't the reason this person is leaving. It is the lack of communication, responsiveness, and quite simply a character issue that is the reason the person is leaving.


Grumpy said...

Well, that's two ... a parent and a teacher within a few weeks of each other. At least we know the reason behind the parent's decision to take the children out of HC. Now, anyone got the true scoop on the teacher who left? More underhanded, shady business going on...didn't take long to repeat last year. I also heard that the hand-selected parents to provide input to Middle-States didn't turn out in the favor of the principal - words may not be flowing too rapidly here, but word of mouth is still working wonders. People are going to continue to express themselves whenever the opportunity presents itself but how much longer until the harm is not repairable?
It's such a shame that the travesty continues.

The Quizzinator said...

Fred over at Newszap says the over/under is that we'll have 30 less kids next year. I would think that at some point you've got to stop the bleeding, for whatever reason.

The economy certainly will have an impact on many people spending, but the parents I've met would cut back in many areas before they made the decision to cut out HC if it was just a monetary issue. Another poster (the one leaving) seems to think that most parents at HC are in positions where they are a bit more immune from the recession than most. I'm not sure about that, but I would not argue that it is a factor- but it is NOT the primary one.

Anonymous said...

The only travesty is this pitiful website.

The Quizzinator said...

Sorry you feel that way. I think we do a pretty good job of keeping many of the personal issues that were raised and upset some people (quite rightly, in many cases)on the Newszap site. What we have here are pretty specific issues, stories, and problems.

I'm actually beginning to wonder if the stories flowing into Musement Central here are a set up. The stories are interesting, juicy, and reflect many of the issues we've been raising here, but I'm holding back because it would be easy to trace the source of them - or me. However, we are storing them, looking for second sources for the information, or figuring out a way we can change some of the details to put them up.

Anonymous said...

"I think we do a pretty good job of keeping many of the personal issues that were raised and upset some people (quite rightly, in many cases)on the Newszap site."

Huh? Is this an English sentence? What exactly are you trying to say?

The Quizzinator said...

What I meant to say was we leave her personal issues off of this site. The focus is on her job. Now, you could argue that talking about her personality is "personal" but that is a bit different than what I am talking about. How she relates to people, which even her bosses say is a weak spot, is a crucial element of the job..and she has been miserable at this.