Monday, January 19, 2009

Bringing it up to the top

Hey...been quiet, but not at HCS.  We've been busy at the Quizzinator household with the holidays and stuff.  We had family in from all over, and you all know how guests can sometime overstay their welcome.

Things at HC are about the same. Quiet resignation by some, quiet desperation by others.  What is the most interesting, as usual, is NOT the events, but the response by the administration.

It is no secret that some that have left have not gone under the best of circumstances, and while I don't expect dirty laundry to be aired, I do draw the line at hearing how these stories are spun. I mean, come on...what is the point of indicating in the newsletter that someone is leaving AND feeling the need to brag/warn that there are 50 applications for the job?  And that the job is advertised, but, perhaps bowing to the reputation that HC is developing, the school isn't even mentioned?

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