Saturday, February 28, 2009

It ain't a democracy....

I've heard this line many times, and it is BS on a couple of levels.

First, then, tell me what it IS if it is not? An organization that we are expected to follow blindly, regardless of whether what is going on is right or not? I really don't believe that anybody seriously expects this...and the Church has a whole lot of lawsuits showing the wisdom of following THAT strategy.

Second...Denise's supporters probably would be better off it WAS a democracy, as it would take 51% of the people to make a decision. In a school that is dependant on people making the choice to go, they can't survive if 49%, or even 25%, and maybe even 20% decide to vote with their feet. If we are at 100 kids less next year (a figure I don't believe is going to be out of line), do you not think that will have a serious impact on the school, and it's future?


Anonymous said...

If in fact that many leave then they'll be quite a few new students next year.

Anonymous said...

If they can get that many new students. Would be very difficult, especially in the older grades.