Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mission and Beliefs

First, here is the text of the report that I've been getting the comments from....

And I probably should include the mission statement of the school, which is to "provide Christ-Centered Catholic education and educate and nurture their students emotionally, intelectually, and spirtually." The report furtuer assures us that this was compiled after "extensive" polling...which is odd, as I haven't found people who have been polled. I guess it could have been done more than 10 years ago, but it seems...weak, at best. How does it differe from any other Catholic school?

Comments are a bit different, this time, in that I have just one. After reading the academic gobblygook, is it unfair to say that what they are saying is that, yes, you have a mission statement, but it isn't really used?

The visiting team commends:

• The spirit and process of collaboration that took place while designing the mission and belief statements

• The school leadership for including the mission and belief statements in the community handbooks

The visiting team recommends:

• The faculty design a means of incorporating and modeling the school’s mission statement both in the classroom environment and in classroom instruction

• The school mission statement and belief statements be posted and easily accessible on the school’s website
• The mission statement of the school be visible to all visitors in the greeting and entry
areas of each building

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