Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mr. President

Nice summer off...always great to take time off and get some perspective. Not sure how much I'll be writing this year, but I'll shoot for the same quality, as usual.

However, you may see a shift in what I write. Today, for instance, I'm calling out those who flooded the office with frantic calls about the President wanting to talk to the kids about those well known liberal values of studying hard and staying in school. Do you realize how much of a whack job you look like?

I'm not a great fan of Obama, but there are those on the right (and HC is full of them) who seem unable to muster the brain cells to debate the issues logically. There are issues that can be, and should be, debated loudly, but people prefer to huddle about conspiracy theories such as the whole birther thing and now this.

Here is what I think - people are afraid that Obama will have a positive influence on their kids, and this one 30 minute speech will undo everything they've said for the past year about him. He'll seem calm, reasonable, humorous...and will not say anything that they haven't heard before.

Not sure what the school's plans were, or are after this outbreak, but if I was a kid, I'd be mainly annoyed you are taking my lunchtime away.


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Anonymous said...

I could care less if you consider me a wackjob. I didn't call the office but my sympathies lie closer to those who did than to yours.
It is humorous that you would denigrate people who wish to see something done or not done at the school and feel they should voice their opinion.

The Quizzinator said...

I applaud opinions; I appreciate learned, reason ones much more.

My problem with the whole issue isn't whether or not you agree or disagree with President Obama, but it was the slip/sliding logic and lack of reason that those who were calling, all lips aquiver, having just gotten their marching orders from Glen Beck.

It was amazing, really, how the major argument against the speech changed over the weekend. It went from whackjob arguments to something a bit more, well, I guess more rational. You know, how valuable the 15 minutes of time would be, how involved the federal government is in education, etc.

He is the President, for God's sake, and he did, was, and always was planning on giving the usual platitudes about staying in school, working hard, overcoming obstacles. Heck, the best part was his reference to his growing up in Indonesia, a direct "in your face" refernce to the birther whackjobs.

I am sure that he inspired many today; how long that inspiration lasts is certainly subject to interpretation. I really think the whackjobs would have been better off to simply keep it quiet - if nothing else, MORE people, and more kids, paid a lot more attention to the speech

Anonymous said...

thank you Anonymous You represent the feelings of our HCS commununity Quizzinator didn't you pull your children from our wonderrful school?
Let us crlebrate Mr. Dawson's wonderful commitment to Catholic Education and his devototin to our students.

Anonymous said...

Gee, "Quiz", maybe the argument changed when the plan for presenting the thing changed. Like so many other things to do with this administration, once the details emerged the plan was changed to be more innocuous.

The Quizzinator said...

Lots of people have left over the past year, once again...I guess you were hoping I would be one of them?

As for the lesson you mean the "Dear Mr. President" letters? socialist, to write to the President telling him what he could do better. Why not take the opportuntity to do EXACTLY that?

My problem with the issue is that the lesson plans were not what the parents were calling about. They were,I am convinced, afraid that Obama would look "presidential" to their kiddies whom they've tried to innoculate against such stuff. I may not agree with him on some issues, but he is still the President.

When I was in school thousands of years ago (it seems) we had an actual visit by a vice-president. I remember lots of people, lots of cheering, a few signs, but NOTHING of what he said.

Anonymous said...

Donna Great to see you at the Fall Festival.How great is HCS!!!