Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've kept the postings to a minimum, and for good reason.

The beginning of the school year, especially one in which so many things were changed from over the past year, certainly should give everyone pause. Many of the changes were ones that have been called for, and it is gratifying to see them either come to fruition, or to return after a sorrowful absence. I don't really care why the change of heart over the summer, or what caused it, as long as they stick.

That is not to say that there are not things that need improving, or rumors, or gossip floating around. It is just that it is beginning to return to some sense of normalcy, concentrating on relatively minor issues.

There are lines that were crossed by some. I don't think we did that here on this blog (Newszap got a bit hairy, at times), but you are free to disagree. There were those who complained because they couldn't post the same way I do, but I tend to think that this format worked because the writers (maybe not the commenters) did NOT go overboard with inflammatory statements. We didn't even really try to publicize this, but were still getting almost a hundred people coming here right after school started,. It showed me that the word of mouth is pretty powerful, and that was even before the Parking Lot Mafia had a chance to get in full swing.

I also think it important to point out that there were many changes this year that were not challenged. There were significant ones, such as the start time that people certainly could have grumbled about...but I do believe that there was a belief that this was one that had been considered rationally, thought about, COMMUNICATED, and there was no real opposition. I hope that is a lesson in and of itself.

We'll be monitoring the situation, but I don't think we'll be posting quite as much as we have until we see how things shake out.

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