Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Beginning to hear from a few sources that things are beginning to be not as bright as we thought. I'm willing to give her the benefit of doubt, but it is the dozens of little things that bother me. It isn't these things, of course, but what they represent on a deeper level. Things like yelling at parents seem to be creeping back in, after a few weeks of apparent calm. Things appear to be doing well and calm, but I don't know.

For instance-did you notice that after not being around for the mornings, Denise suddenly found time the day before and the day of the PTO meeting? And has not been back since? Why would that be?

I'm sorry, but the Internet filtering is still not fixed. Someone posted the question, and the situation is still the same as last year..broken.


Anonymous said...

The internet still isn't fixed? What's up with that? Is that why the handbook says that students can't type a webpage "directly into the browser". What is she afraid of? At school, I've heard a few say that even though it started out better (or appeared to), she's going back to her old ways.

Grumpy said...

Yelling at parents, public humiliation and another repetitive behavior from last year that has resurfaced is pounding fists on desks...... forms of bullying. What's that about a zero-tolerance? Not in a Catholic School? Please!
I know you wanted to be optimistic and all of us wanted to be hopeful, but leopards don't change spots.
No internet filtering yet? Were we indeed lied to last year? My children can be disciplined for something that isn't their fault? Another repeat of last year.
The parking lot is a fiasco in the mornings. Those poor people who are simply trying to get to 8 o'clock mass - we all feel for them! But pardon me, it's the fault of parents who want to say "good morning" to each other, or briefly discuss some upcoming event, not the idea of cramming the same number of cars into the too-small area in less time.
Great planning. Pass the buck, point the finger.......... again sadly, leopards don't change their spots.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Mrs. J put that strange comment about the internet filter in the newsletter? Maybe she's reading the blog.