Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fund Raising waay down

Good spin on a bad story, but there is no doubt that the amount of money raised this year, and the number of volunteers, is much less then it has been in past years. The cheery visage by the PTO did not make the news any better. They did make the "Father Dan" tax, which makes the Church happy, and may be all that matters to them.

I don't blame the PTO for many things, really. They are hard working ladies, and I'll even give them credit for defending Poker Night...and acknowledging that there were people who didn't like it, but it brought in the money. While I see the point, I remain steadfast that it is NOT something that we as a Catholic school should do.

The amount of money was much less then it has been in years, and you probably have to go back over 12 years to find a year that was as bad. The economy certainly did not do them any favors, but can even the most hard core supporter see that there might be a correlation between a lack of volunteers and the lack of financial support?

The most interesting comments are heard by some of these....wondering sadly where the volunteers are, almost begging for some answer why support and spirit are down when the answer is just beyond their nose.


Anonymous said...

There has been an exodus of parish families who will no longer tolerate a sub par education. New families are less committed to Catholic education and seeking out a "private" school sometimes because their children have struggled with passing the DSTP or they were having behavior problems that public school will not tolerate. These families may not be interested in the longterm success of Holy Cross as they do not understand the long tradition in teaching the Catholic faith.

The Quizzinator said...

Interesting comments.

I don't agree that the education is subpar, however. It may well go that way, and the churn that the school is experiencing with teachers and students will not help, nor will having students who struggle in the public school enviornment help the school, either.

I've always believed that Holy Cross school's academics was good for about 80%. It is NOT for those in the bottom 15% because we don't have the resources, and I think that the top 5% might get better gifted programs elsewhere. We are blessed, however, in that most gifted kids have parents who can get their kids in other enrichment programs.

Are your comment about people who do "not understand the long traditions in teaching the Catholic faith" code for saying that Denise is losing the Catholic families and she is forced

The Quizzinator said...

to take others in an attempt to keep up the numbers?

I think this is a losing game, in the long run. They won't have the same dedication, and if you don't address what is driving families away, the problem will simply reappear.