Friday, May 8, 2009


Interesting response to the popularity of the Twilight book.

I've heard a variety of responses to the popularity of the book and the movie, and it was interesting to see the school effectively banning the book. My gut reaction is that whenever I see a book treated as such that it is a bad thing, if for no other reason then it makes it more attractive to those who don't have the book.

I'm going to leave aside the appropriateness or not of the book, or what is the right age for kids to read it. It bothers me a bit as some of the Baptist Schools in the area took the step of not allowing Harry Potter in the school, or even at book sales, but that the craze is pretty much either over or past it's peak is probably the bigger issue. I am willing to bet that every 7th and 8th grade girl who wants to read the book already has, and a good percentage of them have even been to the movie. Whether or not younger girls should be reading it is debatable (and I don't think they should, personally), but is banning it the right step? Wouldn't a message to parents about the appropriateness of material, maybe even bringing it up a meaningful PTO meeting made more sense?

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