Monday, July 14, 2008

Change 1

Hi, y'all, and welcome.

I've made the first change to the concept....mainly because I can. I am hoping for lots of comments, but also want to get a few people to help author this blog. Seems like a way to get lots of points of view...but yours is always welcome.

I suspect (and hope) that it will be a bit broader then simply bitching (yes, we can use that word here) about the conditions...I would love to see a range of discussions on the various subjects. Internet filtering is one that one of use will probably start with first, but it is interesting because there are many points of view on it...but HC certainly doesn't meet any of our expectations. The question would be how restrictive should it be, perhaps....I've talked to some parents who are outraged by it that would not even allow pictures of any sort, and those who are of a more liberal bent.

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Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of image searches? To teach the kids to search for images using a search engine? They don't need classes on that type of thing, they are quite adept at learning it on their own.