Thursday, July 24, 2008


There have been a few postings I think deserve to be addressed up front instead of burying it in the comments.

Suppression: I am puzzled by this comment, as I’ve deleted only one comment since we’ve started, which was from one of the current three writers. If anyone wants to become a pro-Denise blogger (or if you want to join in on the “right” side), you’re invited. Send me an email with the best thing that you think she has done this year, we’ll post it, and see how much interest it draws. If it defendable and you can handle it, I’ll send you an invitation to be able to post articles. What I don’t want is “She is the greatest thing in the world and you are just spoiled children” crap-if that is all you got, stick to putting it in the comments. If you want to play in this game, you’ve got to bring something to the table or, start your own blog…I’ve got a reputation to uphold (or “downhold”, if you like. Heck, I’ll even agree to exchange links if you want to go in that direction. It isn’t that hard to set up one up.

Fairness: First and foremost we are guided by the First Amendment, which basically says that one can say anything you want without fear of the government stepping in, if what is said is true or an opinion (even a wrong opinion). Blogs get protection afforded to newspapers, and because anybody coming here knows these are opinions, it gives a fair amount of protection. I’ll restrain this a bit, in that I don’t want any blogger bringing in personal issues here, even if true. Commenting on actions and attitudes are fair game, but if does not occur on school grounds (or school activities); let’s leave it off of here. I am convinced we have plenty of things to talk about with it going personal.

Comments: Keep it clean and try to keep it on topic is all we ask. If it gets too far off, we may well start a new topic with it, but I am letting most of the comments go. No personal attacks and no personal issues (second time I’ve said that, for those paying attention-it must be important!).

Contacts: I’ve updated my profile, including an email address. Teachers, especially those who have left….feel free to send stuff you might want to put in there. I check it a couple of times a week, but not every day, but I’d love to hear from the teachers. All information will be kept anonymous.

Issues: One of the comments below gave a great list of what the major issues should be. I think there are some that should be added, but I think they are a start, and is a GREAT example of what one would look for in a blogger.

Issues (from a poster)

1. The internet content filter..
2. Security of the school..
3. Free flow of information from school to parents
4. School climate for both teachers and students.

I would say number 1 is good, and change #3 to include TWO way communication, and would bump up #4 to the top of the list. I've got a few other things that probably should be on it, but what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Quiz when you characterize opinions as "wrong" or you make the call as to what should be said in an editorial or what should not be said, you are stepping on a slippery slope. If your argument is that it is "your blog" then that is even more dangerous. The rhetorical question becomes, "Who gets to post?" And of course the answer can only be what the so-called owner says can be posted...

I should be included period. I believe I have some valuable input. Too bad you are suppressing it!!

Anonymous said...

What comments were suppressed of yours? It looks like there have been pro and con. Isn't Quiz asking for specifics about the administration than "just because I said so".

The Quizzinator said...

First, I went back and forth between "we" and "I", and it was intentional. This is a joint effort, and I function as an administrator because someone has to, and Someone has to delete the spam, for instance, and if I start to get too much, I may have to require something similar to what Newszap had. I don’t expect this to get much traffic, but it is getting more than expected.

Second....I never said I would not allow a "wrong" opinion, and I am not sure where that came from. The tactic you are using sounds suspiciously like Denise’s in regards to people who have questioned her…redefine the question and ignore the main point.

Opinions are never wrong…misguided or misinformed, perhaps, but your opinion IS valid…for you. Comment away to your heart's content, BUT don't expect to be able to post entries unless you can string together a few coherent sentences in a row that interests people. I have told the group I don’t want “She made fun of a kid’s shorts” type of comments UNLESS they can tell me why I (and her supporters) should care. I want the same from the “pro” side…a story about her patting a kid on the head may be true and nice, but so what? Why do I care about this, and how does it fit into the bigger picture?

Heck, if I wanted to suppress people, the last thing I would do is blog about why people think I am supressing them, wouldn't you think? I would just, well, supress them.

Anonymous said...

About #2 (Security of the school) Rules about parents visiting the school are okay, but can't this be done without making parents feel like they have done something wrong? Every once in awhile there has been something in the newsletter about the school welcoming parents, but it needs to be more than just on paper. Many don't just believe it. An example of this was when nothing was put out about the one Honors assembly. Why wasn't it put it in the newsletter the first time?

Grumpy said...

If I recall correctly, the volunteer parent who worked so hard to get the Crusader Notes done each week was blamed for that "oversight". I did notice, however, that those events are listed on the new school calendar so parents can plan on attending.

The Quizzinator said...

That poor volunteer was the last in a chain of BS that failed to hold water, ranging from the printer not working (as if they only have one), blaming the water line break (although it happened after the newsletter went out), AND a few more delays.

It also brought out the whole pizza party issue, where Denise managed to come up with more stories that did not hold water to not give the kids pizza...and yet, in contradiction to a few of the reasons given, then bought Ice Cream for the final honor assembly.