Monday, June 1, 2009

At wit's end

I commented on uniforms a while ago....

but really haven't had much to say about them. I even thought the winnowing down of options was a good idea, for the most part, but was surprised to hear of a bit of a tete a tete regarding a throwaway comment in the newsletter.

Not sure if you have noticed, but the newsletter is often used in a unique way. Want to minimize something? Don't mention it, or put the briefest of comments in there. One can then argue that is was publicized, if only by the strictest defination of the word.

There was a comment about Lands End uniforms...that they are not authorized. Now, I didn't even know that they sold the HC pattern, but apparently this was something carried over from years past. Apparently if you get real, real close, you can detect a few threads in a few of the lines are not exactly the same..but given as we've got at least 2 generations of uniforms out there, was it worth putting in the newsletter? Especially as we did have a relationship with them before Denise got here, at least according to Lands End...

I'll just continue to order from Flynn and O'Hara. If nothing else, I love the name, as I get to say it in a brogue like my great uncle Sean.

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