Monday, June 8, 2009

Credit Report

As the year winds down, I'm going back over some old material and reviewing it to see how it holds up over the months since it was posted.

1. Volunteer List: I was optomistic, but something happened during the year that was noticed by everyone, especially the PTO. There were a few more opportunities but participation seemed to have totally dropped off.

2. School Board: Very slow start, and not exactly the most independent group, but there is still hope there. The survey was kept as independent as I think possible, but it is interesting we have not gotten the results. I suspect it will be mixed, at best.

3. Teachers: Most worked out very well. Denise will be playing musical chairs again next year, maybe because if you want to look like you are making progress, simply shuffle the deck. Many of the comments were about the guidance counselor and the circumstances under which she left, but her replacement has done a credible job.

4. Schedule: I was pretty positive about this, but I see that she is changing the schedule around again for next year. See note above about making changes for change sake.

5. School Code: Most changes were made clearer, but I suspect we'll see more changes this coming year, for the same reason the changes were made in items 3 and 4 above.


Anonymous said...

The school board is a joke, it was hand picked by Jacono right? Changes every year is not only detrimental for the teachers but even more so for the children, yet another way she has managed to hurt the children....

The Quizzinator said...

Pretty much, I'm told, but there are some good people on there. She stretched out the whole process (interviews, selection, initial meeting, charter, committee formation, etc.) so they didn't get much done this year until nearly the end.

The Quiz would have loved to see the results of the survey. I suspect they will do like the PTO survey and air-brush the results and carefully word what they say.