Monday, June 8, 2009

I've been thinking

The Q. rarely relies on pure speculation, but something about the story below about Denise getting her grade school teacher certification didn't quite add up. The assumption of some is she would use it as an escape route, but she is the kind of person who rarely admits they are wrong, so it is unlikely to me that she would retreat to a teaching position, especially as she has been a principal for a number of years.

I have absolutely nothing to go on but deductive reasoning, but I thought I'd float my own theory. Sentences in blue are "facts", so to speak, but the rest is me filling in the blanks.

First, in many organizations, one way that you get rid of a loose wheel, especially a well connected one, is to kick them upstairs to some staff job, or a "manager in charge of special projects" kind of slot. That isn't an option, usually, because there simply isn't that many positions in the diocese. However, one has come open...

That may well fit the bill.

See, Denise is BFF with this person, and is pretty tight with the superintendent, as well. I've heard that there was some pressure to get her down here, which makes sense even if you simply take into fact that her school lost population until it merged with a nother school and she didn't have a job.

One could also assume that one or the other principals at the school would be retiring soon (which the diocese would know, based on age and other information), and let's say the assistant superintendent indicated she wanted to get back to a line position, opening up a staff position at the diocese at some point in the future. Wouldn't BFFs have an inside track to when it was opening up, and what they will be looking for?

Given as we know that Denise views herself as a fixer, and that she loves evaluting people and giving opinions, wouldn't the job be perfect for her? She's got the education, she has the certifications, and she could even argue that she has been through the merger of two schools (Leaving out how she drove people away, of course). I suspect that she didn't really want to come down here, as many upstaters feel, and she thought we'd be a bunch of rubes with flannel shirts and straw sticking out of the corner of our mouths that she could handle. Does anyone really think she is happy at her job here?

And why would she feel the need to publish a list of "accomplishments" and add to her certification unless she was padding her resume? ?

Sure, I've got little to go on, but doesn't a promotion make sense? She leaves on her own terms, she can forever claim that she was successful and got promoted out of this job, her posse down here can have a tearful going away party and she winds up in less harmful and stressful position. She's happy, we're happy, her posse is happy, Father Dan is happy. Everyone wins, no one has to admit a mistake - problem solved.

Maybe not quite Dan Brown, but I think it has at least a chance of happening. Anybody want some action as to whether she puts in for the job?


Anonymous said... have put a lot of thought into all of that! I can only HOPE you are right. Who cares if she gets "promoted" as long as she is GONE!!!

As for renewing the teaching certificate, that may just be a case of taking care of business. Renewing a certificate is more difficult than simply maintaining one. I don't know all the details but I do know that having to renew a certificate after it has lapsed is a pain.

The Quizzinator said...

But she doesn't really need it, does she? She's got the principal certification.

Again, this is pure speculation; the Quiz has no inside information on this one, for once. I'm not even sure Denise would share it with anyone down here in the "sticks" if she is even thinking about it, but it makes too much sense for all parties involved.

However, if this comes true, we'll throw a major party like her last school did - after she leaves.

The Quizzinator said...

Maybe overthinking, but this has been one of the top posts I've heard discussed openly - and happily, I may add.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if it came true! One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

There is an opening for an Assistant Principal at Ursuline too. Maybe she'll put in for that.

The Quizzinator said...

Certainly an option. She's got the credentials for that job, too. Not sure how the pay works, but I would think that a vice-principal's job at Ursuline would not be a promotion.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Mann has been a joke as an assistant super, why not replace her with another joke.

Any info on why CIndy switched anyway? Are we sure this wasn't a bit of a push out the door. I personally know I have complained near and far high and low about Mann's lack of response to the situation at Holy Cross.

Anonymous said...

We too had a severe lack of response and concern from Mann. Distressing, isn't it? Things are not like this in other dioceses, nor are they this way in the public school system where there is accountability on every level. To all those who volunteered to help J pack if we are lucky enough to have her go someplace (any place) else, add my family of 5 to the list, including our two tweens who have nothing positive to say about the HC leadership.

Anonymous said...

We spoke to Mann too. She "listened", but nothing more. How many parents and teachers have been to Mann, Jacono, Father Dan, or someone else from the diocese? What does it take for someone to see what's going on?

Anonymous said...

When we left I told her and the diocese her lack of response was the final straw in our leaving HC and her actions alone could have kept us there...... she was unmoved, shocking!