Monday, June 1, 2009

Here, there, and everywhere

As we start into the last month of school, I thought it might be interesting to some of you to know a bit about our traffic to the site. First, we've not been posting consistantly, so traffic is down a bit from past months, but there are still some interesting figures. I also don't have some of the first month or so figures, as I was not familiar with blogging or how to track traffic, but I'm settle for what I do have.

First, most of you come here directly, meaning you are either typing in the link, or have it in one of your favorites. The Google accounts for a little less then 10% of our traffic, but what is interesting to me is that 6% of our traffic comes from referals on Facebook. That traffic simply didn't exist a year ago. Those who Google tend to use the words Holy Cross and Jacono, which has "helped" make our site now appear on the first page when these words are used.

Second, we get people from all over. I've had visits from China, Russia, Switzerland, Canada...about 20 countries in all, including Italy. Gasp! Maybe the Pope is watching? I suspect most are accidental "hits", but this isn't a site that one stumbles on, either.

Closer to home, we've had visits from 6 states this month (26 states since we've started), and 11 areas within Delaware, pretty much hitting every major city and town.

Overall, we've had 8,000 visits by 550 unique visitors, which tells me that most people at Holy Cross have stopped by here at least once, and if you added up everything they have all looked at, it would be about 35,000 views - and this is without any advertising or really spreading the word. I thought about sending the link to all the teachers and staff, but decided against it, as I heard they knew about it already.

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