Sunday, June 14, 2009


One interesting process is the evolution of those who see the light. Be it a gradual awakening or a quick jolt, or simply what they've decided to reveal to the world (spies are everywhere, after all), watching some come out of the closet. Not everyone, of course, starts at the beginning, nor do all spend a whole lot of time in each, but the "Six Stages of Jacono" has been observed in many people.

And, to be honest, I've even observed a few who appear to have gone back, but the Dr. Quiz thinks this is a temporary condition.

1. Blind Loyalty: Nothing she did was ever wrong, everything that has gone wrong was someone else's fault, and problems are blamed on the messengers.

2. Corporate Stooge: A few problems with her, perhaps, and the source of most of the "well, she is a good x, but sometimes she has a problem dealing with some people". However, she is a principal and must be followed....and besides, the church picked her so we simply don't understand it, but it must be for the good.

4. Reluctant Acceptance: Where most people fall, and where most stop evolving, which is to her advantage. Not happy with one or more of her decisions or practices, but content with the teachers or not willing to take the next step. Source of most of the grumbling.

5. Rebel: Have been yelled at, or have yelled at Denise, generally. Have gone to Father Dan, or tried to go even further (not a step that I ever thought had a snowball's chance in hell, BTW).

6. Disengagement: Either waiting out a final child in school, or have already left.


Anonymous said...

No matter what happens in the end, this blog has demeaned us all. As you say there are, "spies everywhere". Whether Mrs. Jacono is a poor administrator or simply an example of the "Peter Principle", the divisivness, negativity and paranoia in this community rests squarely on your anonymous shoulders..

Good will conquer evil and ultimately the right thing will prevail. I pray for you.

Anonymous said...

I pray for our community...

Anonymous said...

...I pray for Mrs. Jacono

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that the number of faculty and families who have left shows that something is wrong with her leadership? It was the same at her last school.

I hardly call Mrs. Jacono good. I agree with your one comment. I pray for her, but I also pray for those she has hurt with her cruelty.

The Quizzinator said...

No, it doesn't.

I'm a messenger,maybe a megaphone, but I am not the source. There may well be paranoia, but it isn't coming to or from me. What could anyone be scared of - that I'm going to throw a semi-colon at them, or even, gosh, a FULL colon?

Look - Most of us could handle simple incompetence. This goes much deeper then that. EVERY single instance centers around something much deeper then that - and that is the simple way she deals with people. That simple fact is one that I think even her fans have come to the realization this year.

I believe in the power of prayer, but I also believe God helps those who help themselves. Praying for a solution is one thing, praying for acceptance of the unacceptable is NOT what God wants us to be - hence, the motto of this blog, which is at the top of page, if you haven't read it in a while.

As for the Peter Principle (Peter Principal?) - if it is true, she has already exceeded that, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Good will conquer evil? I certainly hope so! But if you are claiming Jacono is good and concerned paretns are evil then you really are in the first stage of Jacono!! That is utterly laughable! As for praying for our community, that I think is a good idea, as it has already been busted up pretty bad thanks to Jacono's administration, good Catholic families who not only supported the school but also support the church in a big way have left or are leaving. Kids who spent years of school together now rarely see each other. Parents who volunteered side by side for years have now gone their seperate ways and are volunteering at their respective public schools who welcome their support. Our community is a sorry excuse for what it once was. And the one factor that has brought about this change is Jacono. How can one even deny that?

The Quizzinator said...

First, I'm obviously not a math major, as there are only 5 stages up there - which actually works better,I think.

Second, it is refreshing to hear your anger. I try to be even keeled when I discuss this, giving Denise and her fan club the benefit of doubt - maybe too much, at times. Thanks for your unvarnished comments, and many share your feelings.

It also reminded me of the whole "it is your fault" bit. I deliberately have NOT publicized this blog, letting the parents and teachers pass it among themselves as they see fit. I say that because I've heard many non-Holy Cross people who've heard of our issues - primarily for the reasons you point out. Word is spreading the old fashioned way, and the Quiz can't take credit for that.

Anonymous said...

"The mission of the Holy Cross Parish School is to provide a Christ-centered Roman Catholic
educational experience that provides a caring and respectful environment and nurtures spiritual,
intellectual, and moral growth within a supportive Christian Community."
Anyone seen any of that lately?

The Quizzinator said...

I would certainly question the "nurturing" bit towards our teachers, especially the younger ones - the ones who need it the most.

Anonymous said...

We have joined the Stage 6 as of the end of this school year. The continuous deterioration of the HC community led our family to the decision to not only remove our 3 children from the school but also to begin attending church in Marydel. The pastor did not respond to concerns, the diocese was worse. Perhaps supporting a different venue during these hard economic times will send a message although we know others who have done the same thing and the message was not delivered.

The Quizzinator said...

I am beginning to think that an economic message may be the only thing that will get the point across.

Was there one thing that pushed you over?

Anonymous said...

I know several families who have also left the school (or are in the process of leaving) who have decided to attend another parish - Harrington and Smyrna because of their dealings with Jacono and the pastor.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to belive they have actually let it go this far, they can't deny there is a problem at this point, is the dioscese really that stubborn that they can't admitt they made a mistake or is the pay scale really that bad that they can't afford any better?

Anonymous said...

Life After Jacono

For the record, there is life after Holy Cross and it's wonderful! The public school teachers and administators openly welcome parents who volunteer, even more so they adore them! The school uses up to date testing, unlike the outdated testing used to track at Holy Cross. Intelligent children are challenged academically, as the school knows these children's success will bring them better funding! The teachers truly appreciate my well behaved, religious children (and I take credit for that, Holy Cross did not raise them). All students are treated equally and fairly, not just the ones who don't disagree with the principal. Fundraising is minimal and any effort applauded. Specials are not changed randomly year to year, and they are all solid options. Teachers are respected, and if they aren't they can take action, amazingly the same goes for parents ( I know that sounds strange to HC parents it was strange for me at first too!).
Then there are the little things. You can go to any class celebration. You don't need to get fingerprinted to go on a field trip with your child. Your child won't get detention if the dentist can finally get them in at 8:30a.m. on a Tuesday. If you want to sign your kids out with no notice five min. before the end of the school day, so be it, they're your children after all! (shocking I know!) Oh and the secretary won't give you attitude for doing so! Lunch is a dollar and you don't have to plan a month in advance to buy it (get this it's even nutritionally sound and filling to boot!). If your kid wants a rolling backback and notebooks with cartoon characters, they are free to express themselves in such a manner. Best of all not only do all the students have to play by the rules, but so do the teachers, secretaries, principals, assistant principals, and even ass. supers and superintendants. They don't fly by the seat of their pants making up rules and picking and choosing who they are accountable to.
Funny, it's like I left the twilight zone and entered back into reality. I can't tell you how refreshing it has been! While I miss the parents I have become friends with over the years and watching their children grow with mine, and the teachers my children and I have come to know and love, the sense of communtiy left when Jacono came. The teachers weren't the same, stressed Im sure by their own dealings with Jacono, The sense of community was gone. Friendships I had with many parents was shattered by their lack of action despite their many complaints about Jacono. I am not one to go with the flow sacraficing my childrens education and my own morals, and I was shocked and disheartened when others were so willing to. There is life beyond Holy Cross, it is not the only option, you can raise good, Catholic, well educated children while they attend public school.
The ultimate reward for me was when at the end of this school year (we left HC mid-year((yes J it's me your favorite Dr's daughter)I gave the children the option to return to Holy cross if they wanted to, and they both answered with a resounding "NO!". I am confident next year will be even better, as the children won't have the burden of transitioning to a new school mid-year. I never, ever thought in a million years I would even consider sending my children to public school. Jacono made that decision for me and for that I thank her! We couldn't be happier!!